Budapest 2019 has revealed the main venue for the World Urban Games ©GAISF

Budapest 2019 has unveiled the main venue for the inaugural World Urban Games with the aim of using the first edition of the multi-sport event to rejuvenate the area.

The latest plans from Budapest 2019 were presented by Olympic modern pentathlon champion Attila Mizsér and Iván Rózsa, communications director for the Games.

The former food logistic centre of Hungary’s capital city has been selected.

Some sports will be based inside the venue alongside the festival, although several disciplines will take place outdoors.

Organisers say the venue, called the Big Market, is within 15 minutes of the city centre and lies close to the River Danube.

Budapest 2019 revealed its aim to “resuscitate” the industrial location, which it admits is filled with waste and syringes.

A clean-up operation will take place in advance of the Games with the hope of delivering a legacy to the area.

A national athletics centre and a rowing centre are expected to be completed prior to the Games.

An “Xtreme Park” will also be developed, Budapest 2019 said.

A first version of the Games venue masterplan has been developed by organisers.

A clean up operation will take place at the venue prior to the Games ©GAISF
A clean up operation will take place at the venue prior to the Games ©GAISF

Parkour, freestyle roller skate, 3x3 basketball, BMX freestyle and freestyle flying disc will feature on the programme.

Breakdancing was also included by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) when the progamme was revealed last month.

Laser run – originally created as a new element of modern pentathlon – and indoor rowing, will also feature as showcase sports.

Budapest expect three or four continents to have countries competing at the Games.

Organisers anticipate that 30,000 people will visit the Games daily, with the expectation that 100,000 will have attended by the close of the three-day event.

Attendees will be able to take part in a series of sport initiations, with the Games concept including a “showcase” of music, dance and urban culture as well as sport.

Budapest 2019 also stated it was hoping to ensure a “field of play legacy”.

A first version venue plan was outlined by organisers ©GAISF
A first version venue plan was outlined by organisers ©GAISF

This would see facilities used after the Games with talks already under way with national federations over the prospect.

It is hoped with Budapest also staging the second edition in 2021, locals may begin participating in the sports with a view to competing in two years’ time.

The Games had originally been set to take place in Los Angeles.

The host city was changed in March when GAISF said Budapest’s proposed sports programme was “more in line” with their vision.

A host city contract had not been signed with Los Angeles, allowing the change.

It means Budapest will also host the 2021 edition.