The swimming pool has been installed at the water polo venue ©Lima 2019

Lima 2019 have announced the swimming pool for the Pan American Games water polo competitions has been installed, while organisers provided progress reports on further key facilities.

The installation of the pool at the Sports Complex of Villa María del Triunfo was hailed as one of the important recent milestones achieved prior to the Games.

Following its installation, the Olympic size 50 metres pool was filled with water.

Further construction is ongoing around the pool, with work continuing on several facilities at the complex.

Lima 2019 also stated that synthetic turf at the Games softball venue had been completed, with artificial turf also now set to be installed at the baseball, rugby and hockey venues.

Organisers claim the rugby, hockey, softball, baseball and basque pelota venues will be completed by February 7.

The construction of the stands at the Games’ Aquatics Centre have also been completed, according to Lima 2019.

The centre is anticipated to be fully completed by March 13, along with the exterior of the facility.

Lima 2019 added that the complex will have more than 8,500 seats at its venues, with more than 500 having already been installed at the baseball stadium.

The complex will boast two hockey, rugby and softball courts, as well as four for basque pelota.

All facilities will have restrooms, locker rooms and modern seating, it is claimed.

Synthetic turf at the Games' softball venue has been installed ©Lima 2019
Synthetic turf at the Games' softball venue has been installed ©Lima 2019

Organisers said they will boost comfortable and safe access for athletes, as well as complying with accessibility of people with disabilities.

Light towers, which are expected to allow high performance sport to be practiced at night, are reportedly visible at the Complex.

Several venues for the Pan and Parapan American Games are expected to become available for community use.

This will include 11 multidisciplinary volleyball and football fields, two tennis courts, two children's pools and areas for chess, karate, cycling and athletics.

The Parapan American Games will take place in Lima from August 23 to September 1, following on from the Pan American Games from July 26 to August 11.