The International Surfing Association and Japanese Anti-Doping Agency have hailed as a success a special anti-doping programme held at the 2018 World Surfing Games ©ISA

An educational anti-doping event which took place in Japan at the 2018 International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games in Tahara City has been hailed as a success by the ISA and the Japanese Anti-Doping Agency (JADA).

The programme was the outcome of a new partnership between the ISA and JADA, aimed at creating "an opportunity for athletes and their support personnel to develop their anti-doping knowledge".

It was also hoped the event would raise awareness of the athletes' responsibilities as role models ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, when surfing will debut.

As part of the programme a JADA outreach booth was set up during team registration at the Games, which was held on September 13 and 14 of this year.

The programme was held during the World Surfing Games in Japan last month ©Getty Images
The programme was held during the World Surfing Games in Japan last month ©Getty Images

Teams from all 42 attending nations were able to take part in a World Anti-Doping Agency quiz.

Surfers were also encouraged to write "TRUTH" messages on a special poster, which was meant to represent the values athletes have learned through the sport.

The poster, which was marked by athletes from all 42 nations at the World Surfing Games, will be displayed during the Olympics in Tokyo next year.

Celebrating the event, the ISA said it had created "positive outcomes" for both them and JADA.

"The activation of protecting clean sport and fostering the future of sport will be continued by the ISA and its 104 Member Federations as we approach 2020 and beyond," the ISA said.