Midway Labs will continue to support the Brazilian Bodybuilding Confederation ©IFBB

The Brazilian Bodybuilding Confederation (CBMFF) have renewed an agreement with nutrition company Midway Labs.

The company's President Wilton Cole welcomed Mauricio de Arruda, head of the CBMFF, to their headquarters.

The pair agreed a renewed sponsorship agreement which will continue Midway Labs' support of the CBMFF.

The company are also a sponsor of the International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB).

They are claimed to be very supportive of bodybuilding and fitness, as well as the "principles of fitness and healthy lifestyle worldwide".

Midway Labs are asserted to have a large line of "innovative and high-quality" products.

The products are claimed to be “very appreciated” by athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The company are said to be committed to a consistent international expansion.