New sports are likely to face an uphill task to reach Paris 2024 ©Getty Images

New sports are likely to face a tougher battle to be added onto the Paris 2024 Olympic programme due to concerns over the ballooning size of the Games.

The procedure and timeframe for adding new sports has not been confirmed yet, but it is likely to be a shorter process than the one undertaken before Tokyo 2020 in order to avoid an expensive lobbying process.

Baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing were all added for the Japanese Games in 2016 as part of a new rule which allows host cities to propose extra sports in consultation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Men's baseball, women's softball and karate were likely added due to their popularity in the host nation while the other three were considered new and innovative sports which would hold greater appeal with a younger generation. 

There is no guarantee that these five will return in Paris and it seems very unlikely that all will.

Squash, boules and - potentially - esports are among those being considered for 2024 which are not featuring in 2020.

It is also likely that athletes in additional sports will be included in the targeted total of 10,500 athletes in Paris.

This would mark a change from Tokyo, where the 474 new athletes across the five new sports were incorporated separately from the 10,616 total for the full 28 core sports which had already been improved.

insidethegames understands that there is concern over the whole new sports concept given the extra burden it places on an Organising Committee at a time of widespread criticism against rising costs for an Olympic Games.

Squash is among sports facing an uphill task to reach the Paris 2024 Olympics ©Getty Images
Squash is among sports facing an uphill task to reach the Paris 2024 Olympics ©Getty Images

The IOC underwent a far more frugal process to add new disciplines and events at Tokyo 2020 within existing sports last year without raising the total number of athletes.

Chances for team sports such as baseball/softball and cricket appear to have been particularly reduced because of the far greater number of athletes required. 

A meeting of the IOC Programme Commission in Lausanne last week proposed a timetable in which new sports would be considered over the next year.

insidethegames understands that, under this timetable, Paris would launch a process later this year before they submit a new sports proposal to the IOC in the first half of 2019.

This recommendation would be finalised by the IOC Executive Board in mid-2019 before the IOC Session later that year provisionally approves the shortlist of events from new sports.

An opportunity for changes would still be possible after Tokyo 2020 before the IOC Executive Board finalise the sport and event programme in December that year. 

If this timetable is confirmed, it would mean that the Paris sports are effectively finalised before Tokyo 2020, meaning that the new sports in Japan do not have an opportunity to first showcase themselves.

IOC sports director Kit McConnell confirmed that the proposed process will be put forward to the IOC Executive Board meeting scheduled for Lausanne on July 18 and 19.

"While we can not comment on any discussions and proposals being put forward to the Executive Board, you are correct in saying that the overall size of the Games and principles of Olympic Agenda 2020 and the New Norm will be an important consideration, along with an efficient process for Paris 2024 to make proposals to the IOC on events in new sports if they wish to use this opportunity," McConnell told insidethegames.