Brazilian Sports Minister Leandro Cruz, left, and COB President Paulo Wanderley, right, pose with the commitment document ©Francisco Medeiros/Ministry of Sport

Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) President Paulo Wanderley has signed a commitment to prevent abuse and sexual and moral harassment in sport.

The signing, which took place at the COB’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, followed a working meeting with Brazilian Sports Minister Leandro Cruz and the Presidents of the Brazilian Olympic Confederations.

Also present were the COB’s vice-president Marco La Porta and director general Rogério Sampaio, while three Olympic medal-winning athletes - beach volleyball player Emanuel Rêgo, sailor Isabel Swan and modern pentathlete Yane Marques - represented the COB Athletes' Commission.

The signing of the commitment is part of the COB's integrity programme and was carried out prior to the National Day to Combat the Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, held yesterday in Brazil.

"The purpose of the proposed actions are to preserve the dignity of the people and their fundamental rights, such as freedom, privacy, privacy, honour and equal treatment, and the right to a good working environment, practice sports, and be healthy and safe," Wanderley said.

"Just as the COB has made a public commitment to develop effective actions to prevent sexual abuse and harassment in the sports environment, I request that the Confederations also engage as a form of membership for joint work with the COB."

Cruz took the opportunity to present a regulation on management standards for sports entities, which was launched in early April.

After the signing ceremony, he answered questions from representatives of the Confederations on various issues such as sports incentive law and athlete scholarships.

COB vice-president Marco La Porta was among those present at the signing ceremony ©Heitor Vilela/COB
COB vice-president Marco La Porta was among those present at the signing ceremony ©Heitor Vilela/COB

"While the Ministry of Sports supports the Brazilian sports administration entities to build their governance, their transparency and strong precepts against bullying and sexual harassment, we are building a two-way street in Brazil," he said.

"The Ministry is increasingly open to dialogue, debate and collective construction with these entities, as well as transparency and an increasingly democratic form of management."

In addition to the commitment, the COB prepared a booklet, which was distributed to those present at the meeting, with information and guidelines for the prevention of sexual and moral harassment in sport.

Furthermore, the national governing body has created the COB Ombudsman and Ethics Channel, which will be open from Tuesday (May 22).

It will receive reports of complaints and suggestions linked to the issues of harassment and abuse.

It was recently reported that Fernando de Carvalho Lopes, the former coach of the Brazilian men's national gymnastics team, has been accused of child sexual abuse.

More than 40 people have accused Lopes of watching children in the shower, touching them indecently and asking them to perform sexual acts.

Lopes, who has pleaded not guilty, was removed from his post of coach of the Brazilian gymnastics team a month before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games due to allegations of abuse.