The TTOC have released their annual report for 2017 ©TTOC

Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) President Brian Lewis has outlined the achievements of the organisation in their annual report for 2017.

Lewis highlighted the difficult financial conditions facing the country, but believes the TTOC have overcome the challenges.

"The TTOC notwithstanding the economic challenges facing Trinidad and Tobago, is firmly of the view that it must fulfil its mission, not betray it," Lewis said.

"Challenges and adversity provided opportunities for the TTOC in 2017 which is also the Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Games Association and the Trinidad and Tobago Beach and Sand Games Association.

"Priority programmes placed demands on the TTOC that required our collective creativity and innovation and an accept no limits mindset, among other valuable, already inherent, traits.

"We welcomed new members of the TTOC Executive Committee who embraced our modus operandi and our signposts: athlete centered, market focused and better governance.

"Undaunted by the economic realities of our time, the TTOC self-funded Team TTO’s participation at the Commonwealth Youth Games in The Bahamas and our team honoured our country and our flag.

"The medal haul and team composition also reflected the theme 'Future is Female'.

"A critical service delivery factor for the TTOC this past year has been the emphasis on capacity building for our member affiliates and we thank our affiliates for their commitment to raising the standards of administration and performance in sports."

The TTOC's Future is Female programme was among the projects highlighted in the report ©TTOC
The TTOC's Future is Female programme was among the projects highlighted in the report ©TTOC

The annual report highlights the organisation achieving a gender equal Executive Committee for the first time in 2017 as one of its achievements, along with Trinidad and Tobago's participation at the Commonwealth Youth Games and hosting of the Gold Coast 2018 Queen’s Baton Relay.

Projects such as TTOC’s ongoing efforts to raise funding to achieve 10 or more Olympic gold medals by 2024 and the Future is Female initiative were also highlighted.

The latter aims to champion and advocate for gender equality at all levels of Olympic and Commonwealth Sport in Trinidad and Tobago.

Women in Leadership forums and workshops were held during 2017 to help achieve the programme’s aims.

Support for athletes and the ongoing development of coaches is also detailed in the report, along with the winners of the TTOC’s Annual Awards.

The report can be read here.