FIS have confirmed the date for World Snow Day 2019 ©FIS

The International Ski Federation (FIS) have announced that World Snow Day 2019 will take place on January 20.

World Snow Day is designed to encourage ski resorts, ski and snowboard schools, tourism organisations, national ski and snowboard associations, government and non-government bodies to promote snow sport by organising events.

Five hundred and twenty-three events were organised worldwide as part of World Snow Day 2018, which took place on January 21.

The eighth edition of the event will see new support features developed to help make staging World Snow Day events easier and more exciting.

These support features include new organiser care packages, which help organisers keep up-to-date with the World Snow Day programme, as well as advances in health and safety regulations and protection for the environment.

World Snow Day will also see a number of awards given out with organisers given the chance to win in multiple categories.

FIS say that information on these awards will be published in the coming weeks.