An inspection visit has been made to Santiago del Estero prior to the Open Swimming Championships for the Americas ©INAS

The International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (INAS) have made an inspection visit to Santiago del Estero prior to the Open Swimming Championships for the Americas in August and September.

Dave Harman, the INAS Swimming Committee chairperson, was shown around the Madre de Ciudades swimming pool in the Argentinian city and met key personnel from the Organising Committee and National Federation.

A media launch for the event was also held during his four-day visit, which left Harman impressed.

"I have returned from Argentina with great confidence that Santiago del Estero has the potential to raise the bar for our swimming Championships, led by the Argentina Federation for Sports for People with Intellectual Impairments," he said.

"I am very impressed with the newly built venue, Madre de Ciudades, but I was also introduced to a range of people who demonstrated a clear commitment to staging an excellent event.

Dave Harman visited the Madre de Ciudades swimming pool ©INAS
Dave Harman visited the Madre de Ciudades swimming pool ©INAS

“I was struck by the enthusiasm from the National Swimming Federation, from the clear interest of the State Governor, Dr. Gerardo Zamora, and the positivity of the Chief of the State Cabinet and the various Ministers I met. 

"This kind of support is unprecedented but crucial to the success and reach of the competition.

"The work that technical manager Patricio Ramallo, Argentinian Swimming Confederation secretary Sergio Antonini and aquatic complex director Claudio Mentenego have already considered and put into place reassures me that these Championships will be yet another milestone in the rising quality of INAS swimming events."

Harman discussed issues including logistics, transport, media and accomodation during his time in Argentina.

Competition is scheduled for between August 29 and September 2.

It will be the first regional event of its kind for athletes with intellectual impairments in any INAS sport in the Americas.

Around 160 athletes from 10 countries are scheduled to participate at the historic competition.