WFDF are hoping for bids for the 2019 World Overall Championships ©WFDF

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) are calling for bids from potential host cities for their World Overall Championships in 2019.

The tournament will feature competitions in seven flying disc disciplines - freestyle, double disc court, discathon, accuracy, disc golf, distance and self-caught flight.

World overall champions will be awarded based on a tally of points from three or more disciplines contested by a player, while winners of each individual event will also be crowned across both genders and all age groups.

The freestyle event will be recognised by the Freestyle Players Association as a major title.

The WFDF are hoping to receive intentions to bid by April 15 from prospective hosts, while the deadline for final bids expires on May 15.

The governing body have called for the expressions of interest as they seek to provide a basic overview of all candidates and to enable the WFDF to deal directly in supplying advice, templates and bid guideline documents.

Basingstoke hosted the 2017 World Overall Championships ©WFDF
Basingstoke hosted the 2017 World Overall Championships ©WFDF

Bids will be reviewed in the final two weeks on May, where second round questions and interviews will be carried out.

The Overall Committee will then make a recommendation to the WFDF Board, who will then give final approval to the selected bid.

The WFDF state that discussions around suitable dates for the Championships will take place between the organisation and prospective hosts, in an attempt to avoid clashes with other flying disc events on the 2019 calendar.

Basingstoke staged last year’s Championships, with the British town having followed on from 2015 host Norrkoeping in Sweden.