Tokyo hosted the 44th edition of the Japanese National Championships ©FIAS

Tokyo has staged the 2018 edition of the Japanese Sambo Championships, with more than 100 athletes claimed to have taken part in the event.

It was the 44th edition of the National Championships, while sambists also competed for the Russian President’s Cup.

The President’s Cup competition, named after Russian President Vladimir Putin, was contested for the sixth time.

Nobuyuki Asai, who chaired the Japanese Sambo Championships Organising Committee, claimed the event was significant for the athletes taking part.

The official is also part of the International Sambo Federation Executive Committee and believes the events have helped to develop friendships, as well as offering the chance for athletes to qualify for further competitions.

Nine men's and four women's weight divisions were contested at the Championships ©FIAS
Nine men's and four women's weight divisions were contested at the Championships ©FIAS

"The significance of these competitions is great," Asai told the RIA Novosti news agency.

"As they're not just National Championships but also a qualifier for the whole series of international tournaments, such as the World Sambo Cup, Sambo Championships of Asia and the World Sambo Championships.

"The winners would secure a berth at those competitions.

"We think it plays an important role in the development of friendship and good-neighbour relations between our countries."

Nine men's weight categories were contested throughout the duration of the Championships in Japan's capital city, the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic host.

Four women's divisions were also included at the event.