Pope Francis recently conducted a Papal visit to Lima ©Getty Images

Pope Francis' visit to Lima is a sign of what the country can achieve and has "provided fresh inspiration" for the Organising Committee of the 2019 Pan American Games, it has been claimed.

Lima 2019 President Carlos Neuhaus insisted the visit, which saw a reported crowd of 1.3 million people attend an open mass at an airfield in the Peruvian capital, demonstrated the city's capability of hosting major events.

"After Lima's success in the past few weeks, we are more confident than ever that Lima 2019 will be a special and memorable event in Peru's history, and will leave the country with a socioeconomic and cultural legacy that will live on long after the Games," said Neuhaus. 

"The success of the Papal visit has provided fresh inspiration for my team, who will continue to work very hard to ensure we deliver a great Games on time and on budget."

The Organising Committee claim they were "delighted to see the successful implementation of complex logistics and planning strategies" during the Papal visit.

It came after the Dakar Rally began in Lima earlier this month.

"It is an extremely complex logistical challenge to deliver on detailed plans to move 1.3 million people around safely and efficiently to and from one event, without disrupting the day-to-day activity of a capital city," Neuhaus said. 

"But we are very proud of our authorities and satisfied with the outcome and the key lessons learned for Lima 2019.

"I would like to congratulate everyone involved in both the Papal visit and the Dakar Rally for their achievements, and once again ask the whole country to continue showing their support as we try to provide an unforgettable experience for both athletes and fans in 18 months' time."

Lima 2019 is due to take place between July 26 and August 11.