The World Anti-Doping Agency Foundation Board agreed that the organisation's budget will increase by eight per cent next year to $32 million ©Twitter

The budget of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will increase by £2.3 million (£1.7 million/€1.9 million) next year to $32 million (£24 million/€27 million), it was announced here today. 

That is an eight per cent increase on this year's figure. 

Under a four-year plan agreed by the WADA Foundation Board, the organisation's budget will increase by 15 per cent in both 2019 and 2020 and by another five per cent in 2021. 

The target at the end of the next four-year cycle is $45 million (£33 million/€38 million) 

The extra money has come from the Public Authorities and is being matched by the International Olympic Committee. 

"WADA is grateful for the eight per cent increase for 2018, which will go a long way towards increasing WADA’s scale, speed and reach in carrying out its core activities," Olivier Niggli, the director general of WADA, said. 

"WADA Management will now continue its work with stakeholders to ensure ongoing enhancement of WADA’s activities, which is required of the Agency by its governing bodies and athletes of the world."

The money will be used to increase compliance monitoring; intelligence and investigations, the whistleblower programme. anti-doping organisation capacity building, education/social science research; laboratory accreditation, scientific research and the anti-doping administration and management system, better known as ADAMS. 

But WADA also wants to do additional research and add other activities and could target corporations, foundations and private donors to help raise more money. 

At the WADA Executive Committee meeting in Paris in September management consultants Biopharma made a presentation about how they could find extra funding.

The company currently advise 19 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, financial sponsors and other leading and innovative healthcare services including generic drug, medical technology, contract services, tools and diagnostics companies.