The World Flying Disc Federation has accepted the membership of five new countries ©WFDF

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has accepted the membership of five new countries.

Afghanistan, Lebanon, Moldova, Romania and Thailand were all approved by the governing body's Congress.

It means that the total number of WFDF member associations has risen to 75.

"The approval of these five new Member Associations from Asia and Europe comes as a result of the thorough and persistent work conducted over several years, led by our executive director Volker Bernardi, together with the WFDF Sport for All and Development Commission," said WFDF President Robert Rauch. 

"This figure constitutes a major milestone for WFDF as outlined in our previous strategic plan set out in 2012, as WFDF concludes a five year journey to finally reach 75 Member countries."

The WFDF Congress unanimously accepted the applications from the new nations.

"We can state that all candidates performed quite well during the application procedure, showing the high motivation and enthusiasm of their leadership," said Bernardi. 

Seventy-five countries have now joined the WFDF ©WFDF
Seventy-five countries have now joined the WFDF ©WFDF

"Flying disc sports are currently being played in another two dozen countries and WFDF will keep moving forward in our growth as we now start targeting 100 Member Associations."

General Hamed Faizy, secretary general of the Afghanistan Frisbee Federation (AFF), welcomed his country's acceptance.

"The AFF was established in 2016 aiming to enhance the amazing game of frisbee in Afghanistan," he said.

"AFF has been working to prepare coaching training programs, workshops and tournaments in Kabul and some provinces since its establishment and we are looking forward to work with WFDF on these projects."

Lebanon Flying Disc Association President Johanna von Toggenburg added: "We are honoured that the Lebanese Flying Disc Association has been accepted as a member of the World Flying Disc Federation. 

"As a young and dynamic association we are excited to expand the work of the past two years and are committed to developing the community in a sustainable and inclusive way, while increasing the level of play and spirit of the game."