Paris co-bid leader Tony Estanguet reiterated how they are only interested in the 2024 Games ©Paris 2024/Twitter

Paris have repeatedly insisted here today that there is no possibility of them hosting the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games and that they are only interested in the 2024 edition.

This comes as speculation continues over whether the International Olympic Committee (IOC) may consider awarding both events at its Session in Lima in September.

Bid officials have pointed out how they only have a tender for the proposed Athletes' Village site in St Denis until 2024, so would have scrap this entire plan if they were to host the later edition.

The poignancy of the 100 year anniversary of the French capital hosting the 1924 Summer Games is also thought to be key.

"I will be absolutely frank and direct here," Paris' co-bid leader Tony Estanguet added in response to a question from insidethegames.

"We are working exclusively to win in 2024.

"We are strong today with our vision.

"We believe it is the right moment for our city to be chosen.

"It is now or never."

IOC President Thomas Bach admitted after an Executive Board meeting in Lausanne last month that "informal discussions" are underway about changing a bidding process in which there are "too many losers".

When asked to clarify if they had been approached about a possible 2024 and 2028 joint plan, Estanguet claimed that there had been no "formal or informal discussions" about it.

Paris insist they would have to scrap their Athletes' Village masterplan if they hosted the 2028 Games ©ITG
Paris insist they would have to scrap their Athletes' Village masterplan if they hosted the 2028 Games ©ITG

It appears, however, that Paris would have no objections if the mooted plans did materialise - so long as they are host for the earlier edition.

Los Angeles also claim to want just the 2024 edition, with the city's Mayor Eric Garcetti telling insidethegames this week that they are "not going for 2028".

He did, however, also say that they will support the IOC as it considers future changes to its bidding process.

"We’re eager, ready and excited to host 2024 and that is all we are focused on," the official said. 

“I appreciate that the system seems expensive and the odds seem long for most cities when you have a five, six or seven-eighths chance of losing and that you have to raise tens of billions of dollars.

"I do appreciate that the Olympics is having this discussion and if they do come up with a new model then we will fit into that.

"But we want the 2024 Olympics - to be very clear, we are not going for 2028, we want 2024."

Budapest are the third contender in the race but have held no events today to coincide with each city submitting the third part of their respective candidature files.

This comes after they delayed the start of their international promotion period as they strive to resist calls for a referendum to be held over whether to press ahead with the bid.

A 2024 host is due to be selected in Lima on September 13.