FIAS sporting director Dmitry Maximov conducted the seminars in Tokyo ©FIAS

A leading sambo expert has led two days of seminars and training sessions in Tokyo in a bit to raise the profile of the sport.

International Sambo Federation (FIAS) sporting director Dmitry Maximov was invited by the Sambo Federation of Japan in order to "help develop" the martial art in the country.

Taking place in the Nippon Sport Science University, the first stage demonstrated different techniques of sambo to a group of student judokas.

It is hoped this could encourage some to participate in the Vladimir Putin Cup, taking place in the country in February.

A special seminar also took place, designed for coaches.

In particular, Maximov emphasised the "techniques of teaching children, describing the philosophy of sambo, basic self-defense techniques and other important aspects of teaching".

It was claimed afterwards that the training was "very fruitful", and that it had made an "important contribution to the development and popularisation of sambo in Japan".

It comes as sambo awaits a verdict on whether it will be recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Federations currently applying for membership are due to be told if their applications have been successful at the IOC Executive Board meeting in Lausanne taking place from December 6 to 8.

This month's World Championships in Sofia was seen as another opportunity to raise the profile.

Russia finished top of the medals table, but Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria and Turkmenistan also won gold medals.