The CDBA released a statement titled "above all, the truth, first of all, the sport" ©CBDA

National Championships and salaries have been suspended by the Brazilian Aquatic Sports Confederation (CBDA) as the turmoil continues in the organisation following the removal of President Coaracy Nunes as part of a corruption investigation.

Nunes was removed late last month with Brazil's Federal Public Ministry claiming to have discovered "strong evidence" of overbilling, misappropriation of public funds and embezzlement".

Police also believe that one of the companies that the CBDA have done business with, Natação Comércio de Artigos Esportivos Ltda, is actually a front company used to illegally divert public money.

Four of Nunes' allies, including former vice-president Luiz Soares, were also ordered to be removed from office as part of the probe.

The CBDA have confirmed the removal of the officials in a statement on their website, but stated "nothing has yet been ascertained" and claimed they have had no time to "provide clarification".

As a result of the court order, the CBDA said swimming, marathon swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming events have all ceased.

"Under court order, they are having difficulties handling bank accounts, ceasing payments, suspending events," a CBDA statement entitled "above all, the truth, first of all, the sport", read

"Until second order, for financial reasons, the National Championships run by the CBDA in the five water sports will not happen.

"They will not receive their salaries from the employees.

"If there is any kind of irregularity, it is very important that everything is cleared up and given a wide right of defence.

"If there is no malice, let things continue, after proper retraction of those who have accused without reason.

"In front of the sport, this is secondary.

"But, for the good of Brazil and those who dedicate themselves to the modalities, to continue the processes and routine of one of the most successful Brazilian confederations."

Brazil's National Championships have been halted as the corruption probe continues ©Getty Images
Brazil's National Championships have been halted as the corruption probe continues ©Getty Images

The CBDA have also claimed it is "not fair" that sports are punished for "political, bureaucratic or judicial" issues and argue the proceedings are harming athletes and coaches.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) confirmed earlier this week that they had made an "immediate request" to the CBDA for more information on Nunes’ removal.

A decision will not be made over whether or not Nunes will be suspended or removed from his secondary position as a member of FINA's ruling Bureau until they have received a response.

They will also await the completion of Brazilian justice procedures.

Nunes has denied all allegations and has claimed he is the victim of a campaign by rivals planning to replace him as President.

Lawyers representing the body also claim he was not given a proper right to defence before the verdict was announced.

Other allegations against the 78-year-old, a longstanding FINA Bureau member and President of the CBDA since 1988, include that funds designated to buy airline tickets and equipment for the Brazilian Olympic team have been misused.

This would be a clear violation of the FINA Code of Ethics which all serving officials supposedly have to fulfil.

Section D on Integrity stipulates that "no official shall, directly or indirectly, solicit, accept or offer any concealed remuneration, commission, benefit or service of any nature connected with their participation in aquatics or with their function as an official".

It adds: "No official may be involved with any company, association, firm or person whose activity is inconsistent with the objectives or interests of FINA.

"If it is unclear, whether this kind of a connection exists in any given situation, the matter shall be submitted to the Ethics Panel for a decision."