Budapest 2024 has received an accommodation boost in its bid for the Olympics and Paralympics ©HHRA

Budapest 2024 has received an accommodation boost after the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association (HHRA) agreed to help provide a provisional total of 8,799 rooms in the Balaton Corridor region of the country.

Representatives from the HHRA, including officials from around 96 per cent of the hotels in the area, attended a series of meetings and presentations from Budapest 2024 vice-chairman Gusztáv Bienerth.

At the meeting, the group, made up of leading hoteliers from 144 hotels and chains along with spokespeople for local tourism associations, gave the provisional green light for the number of rooms.

These would then be used for the Olympics and Paralympics in 2024 should Budapest secure the hosting rights for the event ahead of Los Angeles, Paris and Rome.

Balatonfüred and Lake Balaton, Europe’s largest freshwater lake, have been earmarked for four sports under Budapest 2024’s Games Plan.

Golf, should it retain its place on the programme for the 2024 Olympics, would be staged in the region, along with marathon swimming, handball and sailing.

The area has staged a number of sporting events, including this year's International Swimming Federation Marathon World Cup and the Sailing 420 and 470 Junior European Championships.

Lake Balaton has hosted a number of major sporting events in recent years ©Getty Images
Lake Balaton has hosted a number of major sporting events in recent years ©Getty Images

The news strengthens the accommodation plans of Budapest 2024, according to the Bid Committee.

“Our proven capability of staging major sports events in this region, coupled with the robustness of our plans, has led to this overwhelming support from hoteliers in the Veszprem and Balaton area,” Bienerth, who is also the Government Tourism Commissioner, said.

HHRA chief secretary István Kovács added that he was “delighted” with the work they had undertaken with the Bid Committee to date.

“The fact that a large proportion of the hoteliers in the area are interested in committing their room stock to Budapest 2024 signifies their experience as hosts to both tourists and world-class athletes, and also that they recognise the good business sense of the proposal,” he said.

“We are delighted to continue the work we have started in Budapest with the Bid Committee early last month.”

The International Olympic Committee is due to elect its chosen 2024 host city at its Session in Lima in September 2017.