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London 2012 Mascots Try for a Free Pin

December 11 - Honav hosted a small pin promotion in John Lewis, Oxford Street yesterday. There was the chance to win a free Snowman or Snowflake pin on the roll of the dice. Wenlock and Mandeville were on site as part of a general London 2012 promotion and decided to stop by to try their luck.

2/12: More Countdown News

Some of you may have noticed, that when the 500 day to go pins were issued, there were only 3 varieties of the shard pin using combinations of the London 2012 brand colours.

These were pins 0480 - 0482. The combination of green shard and pink logo which should have been pin 0479 was never released.

Until now!

2/12: 200 Day To Go Countdown Pins

The next pins in the popular Countdown range have been announced. The 200 Day To Go pins will be available in early January, ready for the actual day on 9th January 2012.

There are 3 pins in the range - the standard shard pin and one pin each showing Wenlock and Mandeville. Mandeville's pin has the date 11/02/2012 as this is 200 days until the Paralympics.

29/11 - Sold Out Pins - Update

The kilt pin (0581) has now sold out, so the only stocks that remain are with retailers. This pin was limited to 2,012 pieces and has sold out in 3 months.

This seems a good time for a round-up of all the sold-out pins. If you need any of these for your collection, act quickly!

13/11: New Logo Set

Earlier this month, a new set of logo pins was produced. This one contains new versions of the familiar Union Flag and White logos, but in addition, the Paralympic logo is now available in white.

13/11: Get Set Mascots

Earlier this year, LOCOG ran a competition under their Get Set programme for schools to design a look for Wenlock or Mandeville which represented their local community or region. You can read more about the competition here.

30/10: New Christmas Pins and White Logo Pin

New Christmas pins were announced on Friday along with a new version of the white logo pin.

The Christmas pins show Wenlock slam-dunking a present into a stocking (similar to the US version), Mandeville carrying a snowball and a printed version of the snowman pin released last year.

24/10: IOC Poster and Logo Pins

London 2012 have announced the latest set of new pins. These are a series of pins which replicate the posters and logos of previous Olympic Games. They use artwork from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Museum in Lausanne.

17/10: Sainsbury's Pin

A new pin from Paralympics Sponsor - Sainsbury's has been spotted in at least two stores.

The pin has a blue background with a stylised portion of the Thames and a basketball and football to form the word 'London' along with a London skyline which helps form a '2012'. The paralympic logo is displayed on a gold background.