Collecting and Heritage News

P&G Promotion - Team GB and Team Ireland Pins

April 23 - Thanks to two readers for pointing out a promotion by worldwide sponsor P&G. The company are offering the chance to earn points when you buy their products. These points which can be used to buy Olympics themed rewards. Each £1 you spend earns 4 points and 40 points will get you a pin badge.

Original Faith Pins Available in Limited Numbers

April 18 - The original Faith pins that were thought to have been completely allocated and sold out are now available in very limited numbers at your favourite retailers. We have no word on the numbers that have been released, but there are not many. Contact your preferred retailer as soon as you can to secure your pin!

Final IOC Poster Pins

0745April 4 - For those of you collecting the IOC poster pins, you will be pleased to know that the last 3 are on their way. Pins 741, 744 and 745 showing the posters for 1936 and 1956 will be available soon.

100 Day to Go Pins

0929With the 100 days to go milestone fast approaching, here are the pins that will be available to mark both the Olympic (18th April) and Paralympic (21st May) dates.

As for previous releases, there will be a 'shard' version as well as one for each mascot. These pins show each mascot in their 'Breaking the Tape' pose.

This time, we're told the pins will not be available to buy until the day. Each pin is limited to 2,012 pieces but a large number of each have already been snapped up by London 2012 stakeholders meaning that there will be limited numbers available for retail sale. Each pin is priced at £7. 


New Festival Pin Announced

Pin 1065March 8 - News today of a new pin to celebrate the summer-long London 2012 festival programme. The pin uses the London 2012 logo in pink without the Olympic rings on a silver background with the word 'Festival' recessed in the background.