Racist Saturday in LaLiga and Spanish third division match. 'X'

New incidents of racism in LaLiga and in a third division match in Spain. Both appalling incidents came just days after the friendly between the Spanish and Brazilian national teams, where the attitude of some fans abusing Vinicius was also racist.

Rayo Majadahonda goalkeeper Cheikh Kane Sarr was sent off in the 84th minute against Sestao, near Bilbao, after confronting a fan behind his goal. His team decided to abandon the game after his dismissal, which led to the match being abandoned.

"Our team will not come out to restart the game after our player received unacceptable racist insults," wrote Sarr's team Rayo Majadahonda on X, who was shouted "you're a damn monkey!" and "you're a damn piece of black shit,!"

"It's an absolute disgrace what happened today. A section of the stadium spewed racist abuse at our team-mate Cheikh Sarr because of the colour of his skin. We are all Cheikh, no to racism," said Rayo Majadahonda captain Jorge Casado on Instagram.

In his report, referee Francisco Garcia Riesgo wrote: "In the 84th minute, as I was informed by the away team's number 13 (Sarr), several supporters from the crowd, who could be identified as home supporters by their chants and attire, repeatedly shouted: 'You're a damn monkey', 'You're a damn piece of black shit!', while making imitating the actions of a monkey in a racist manner."

He added: "In the 84th minute, number 13 (Cheikh Kane Sarr) was sent off for jumping over the perimeter fence of the pitch, leaving the field through the area behind the goal and getting into a violent altercation with one of the spectators, unable to determine what the spectators in that area said against the player."

"We will only have victory when the racists leave the stadiums and go straight to prison, a place they deserve," Vinicius wrote on 'X.' The RFEF - the Spanish Football Federation - reiterared that its competition committee would look into the issues raised by the incident and take the appropriate decisions.

Referee Francisco Garcia Riesgo stopped the game when the visitors' players decided to leave the pitch, without the referee being able to apply the anti-racism protocol as the Madrid team refused to play on.

The Basque club said in a statement: "The Sestao River Club reiterates its absolute condemnation of racism and violence. If the alleged racist insults are proven, the club will put all its resources at the disposal of the sports justice system to determine the responsibilities of those involved. All against racism!"

Earlier in the day, Sevilla FC condemned "racist and xenophobic abuse" directed at their coach Quique Sánchez Flores and defender Marcos Acuna during a LaLiga match at the Coliseum stadium in Getafe, Madrid.

Referee Javier Iglesias Villanueva reported that home supporters had shouted racial abuse at Argentina international Acuna, calling him "Acuna monkey" or "Acuna, you come from monkeys", prompting a brief stoppage. 

Sevilla coach Quique Sanchez Flores said he had been subjected to derogatory comments from some home fans, who called him a "gypsy". "I am proud of every pore in my veins that can breathe 'gipsy'. It is one thing to be gipsy or partially gipsy, and another to use it as a racist insult - I find it abhorrent," said the coach.