Spanish court dismisses racism case against Real Madrid's Vinicius. GETTY IMAGES

The Brazilian international was the target of racist abuse during a La Liga match against Osasuna on 18 February. After examining the facts, the court in Pamplona publicly announced the dismissal last Tuesday. The reason given was "lack of evidence". In other news, a date has been set for the anti-racism match between Spain and Brazil: 26 March in Madrid.

The case of alleged racism against Real Madrid footballer Vinicius has been dismissed by the Spanish justice system, specifically the court in Pamplona where the incident took place, for 'lack of evidence'. During the match between Real Madrid and Osasuna (0-2) at the Sadar (Pamplona), racist abuse was heard from the stands, allegedly directed at the Brazilian player. 

The incidents were taken to court, and the verdict was announced in a statement issued last Tuesday. From the actions that took place, it is clear that the facts could constitute a crime, but there is not enough data to know the identity of the offenders.

Vinicius, on his way out of the Spanish Court. GETTY IMAGES
Vinicius, on his way out of the Spanish Court. GETTY IMAGES

This is not the first time Vinicius has been in the spotlight. The Brazilian has become a reference point in the fight against racism in Spanish football. There is an ongoing case in which the Spanish prosecutors are seeking a four-year prison sentence for four men arrested on suspicion of hanging a dummy of the Brazilian international from a bridge in Madrid ahead of a Real Madrid game against Atletico Madrid in January 2023. 

Later, during a La Liga match at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia, Vinicuis was the subject of worldwide support after confronting a fan in the stands who had allegedly verbally abused him. In October 2023, five months after the incident, Vinicius gave evidence via videoconference to a Spanish court as part of an investigation into the alleged abuse in Valencia. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said at the time that Vinicius had unfortunately become accustomed to racism in Spain, highlighting the social problem of racism in football stadiums.

Last Monday, the Spanish Football Federation announced that the international friendly between Brazil and Spain would be dedicated to the fight against racism and violence in football. Under the banner of "One Skin", the CBF has set a date for the match, which was signed on 5 June between the Royal Spanish Football Association and the CBF of Brazil. A date has now been set for the match, which will take place on 26 March 2024 at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (Madrid), starting at 21:00 (local time). 

The event aims to reinforce the commitment against violence and racism in football and strengthen the good relations between the two national associations, as well as being a great football festival between two of the most powerful teams on the international stage," the Spanish Federation said on its official website. Spain and Brazil have met nine times, most recently at the 2013 Confederations Cup. Spain have won two, Brazil five and they have drawn twice