The 2025 Summer World University Games is to be held across five cities in the Rhine-Ruhr region of Germany ©FISU

Officials involved with the 2025 International University Sports Federation Summer World University Games in Rhine-Ruhr have established Organising Committee offices in the five cities which are to host the Games in less than two years from now.

"By setting up the Organising Committees in the cities, we aim to have a continuous exchange of information with all relevant decision makers in the municipalities, as this allows us to regularly discuss current topics together," Rhine-Ruhr 2025 chief executive Niklas Borger said.

Offices are being set up in the cities of Duisburg, Bochum, Essen, Dusseldorf and Mulheim an der Ruhr.

"To ensure that the planning and organisation of the Games works effectively, the Organising Committee is getting the local communities and partners in the respective cities on board at this very early stage," a Rhine-Ruhr 2025 statement said.

The Mayor of each city will be asked to nominate a representative of their city administration to work with Rhine-Ruhr 2025 chief executive Niklas Borger.

Each Organising Committee is also set to comprise committee members who are expected to be drawn from the municipalities and community institutions.

"All members are responsible for communicating the planning process within their local community and to local decision makers," Rhine-Ruhr 2025 explained.

The plan is to hold meetings every three months, to discuss matters such as the sports programme, the competition schedule, communications, marketing, logistics and security.

"So far we have had great cooperation at the working level," Rhine-Ruhr 2025 team leader for stakeholder management Ramea Muller said.

The 2025 Summer World University Games are scheduled to open on July 16 2025.