Athletes participated in the ComplexCore sessions in Bishkek ©FIAS

A sports seminar was been held by ComplexCore at the World Sambo Championships, focusing on muscle training.

During the three-day competition, two-hour seminars were held in the warm-up zone, with general and individual recommendations given to athletes to improve their training process.

Specialists focused on muscle groups specific to sambo, looking at supporting the muscles and ligaments used for throwing, plus giving advice on stretching and recovery.

Thomas Taro, one of the co-founders of ComplexCore, showed simple exercises which could be modified to incorporate other muscles, helped by a group of assistants.

Among the athletes attending were Venezuelan Maria Guedez and her sister Maria Amyulina Guedez, who won the Refugee Sambo Team its first-ever gold medal at the World Sambo Championships.

ComplexCore co-founder Thomas Taro led the sessions ©FIAS
ComplexCore co-founder Thomas Taro led the sessions ©FIAS

Seminars were also attended by coaches, medical workers and volunteers from local sambo schools in Bishkek and the rest of Kyrgyzstan.

Last year, the International Sambo Federation and ComplexCore held four educational online training seminars in three languages, with approximately 1,000 coaches and athletes participating worldwide.

ComplexCore is a training concept for core, arm and leg muscles, developed by the Austrian Taro, a sports physiotherapist.

It provides a structure and personalised plans for athletes.