Maria Amyulina Guedez won the Refugee Sambo Team's first World Championship gold medal today ©FIAS

Maria Amyulina Guedez became the first-ever member of the Refugee Sambo Team to claim a gold medal at the World Championships, winning the women's under-50 kilograms title here in Bishkek.

Now living in France but originally from Venezuela, Guedez got the winning point in a dramatic end to the final, beating International Sambo Federation (FIAS) athlete Anfisa Kapayeva, who usually competes for Belarus.

Guedez got the opening score, but was quickly brought back level by Kapayeva.

With no winner looking likely before the five minutes expired, Guedez pulled a takedown out of nowhere with four seconds to spare, winning 2-1.

Notably, her sister Maria Guedez - competing for Venezuela - claimed a bronze medal in the women's under-54kg category.

In that final, Alena Kupava was announced as the winner against Elizaveta Syshchikova after the pair tied after five minutes.

Both were competing neutrally, with Kupava from Belarus and Syshchikova from Russia.

The two countries' flags are banned because of the war in Ukraine, but athletes can compete under FIAS colours.

Daiyrbek Kariyaev became the first athlete from Kyrgyzstan in five years to win a gold medal at the World Championshps, defeating Kazakhstan's Assylbek Smailov 4-2 in the combat sambo under-79kg final.

He piled up the points to take a lead that the Kazakhstani athlete could not overcome, sending the home crowd happy.

Viktor Nemkov was a winner today in Bishkek ©FIAS
Viktor Nemkov was a winner today in Bishkek ©FIAS

FIAS athlete Sayan Khertek pulled off an outstanding comeback to defeat Kazakhstan's Kaiyrberdi Aidynbay in the men's under-58kg tournament, claiming gold.

The neutral Russian was 3-0 down after an explosive start from his opponent, but turned it around as quickly to go up by two.

A late comeback from Aidynbay brought the match down to one point, but he could not equalise, meaning Khertek claimed gold with a 5-4 win.

Another FIAS victory went to Viktor Nemkov - older brother of Bellator fighter and four-time combat sambo champion Vadim Nemkov - in the combat under-90kg tournament, who ended his bout against Israeli David Wolfman Kisishvili after fewer than three minutes following referee's stoppage.

Turkmenistan's Muhammet Kossekov defeated Elvin Baghirov of Azerbaijan by a single point in the final of the men's under-64kg division.

Finally, FIAS athlete Svetlana Uranova edged out Dutch sambist Sacha Buwalda in the women's under-59kg final, winning 1-0.