Fair Chance Team boxers competed at the 2021 Men’s Boxing World Championships for the first time ©IBA

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has vowed to continue its Fair Chance Team (FCT) initiative as it celebrated World Fair Play Day.

The FCT featured for the first time at last year's Men's Boxing World Championships in Serbian capital Belgrade.

It was set up with the aim of supporting boxers who may have fled their homes and are not in a position to represent their country for various humanitarian reasons.

The IBA has said it wants to give more athletes an opportunity to apply to become a part of the team and be considered for selection.

Each case is expected to be reviewed by the IBA staff and legal team to check if the athlete complies with the selection criteria.

The call for new applicants came on World Fair Play Day, which is celebrated on September 7 as an initiative aimed at promoting fair play in sports around the world.

The IBA said one of its key objectives was preserving the right of every individual to participate in boxing "without unlawful discrimination of any kind undertaken in the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play".

Members of the FCT in Belgrade were honoured as winners of the AIBA Fair Play Moment 2021 prize, with awards handed out by Gabor Deregan of the International Fair Play Committee.

"Fair play comes in many forms in relation to sport. It might be a moment of respect, or friendship," said Deregan.

"And in this case, it was a moment of equality and inclusiveness.

"It was a moment where special efforts were made to ensure the presence of athletes who faced considerable difficulties just in attending the AIBA World Championships.

"The boxers then rose to the occasion with their performances."