The Chilean Sports Minister has inspected the Santiago 2023 handball venue ©Twitter/AleBenado

Chilean Sports Minister Alexandra Benado has met with Viña del Mar Mayor Macarena Ripamonti to inspect the handball venue for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

Benado and Ripamonti also witnessed one of several handball workshops being organised at the Viña del Mar Sports Centre.

"We are preparing strongly more than a year in advance," Benado said, as reported by Radio Festival.

"The teams from Santiago 2023 have already made technical visits, but we wanted to be here with the people of Viña del Mar, with its Mayor, and be able to visit this sub-venue that is of vital importance for next year's Games."

The workshops, called the Promesas Chile or "Chilean Promises" programme, aim to attract regional handball talent and propel athletes into high-performance careers which could include playing for the national team. 

Young people from any club in the region can participate in the training, which is designed to accommodate their existing schedules.

"For us it is a joy to know that this work accompanies the fact that we can be one of the sub-venues of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games in Viña del Mar," Ripamonti said.

Santiago 2023 is set to take place from October 20 to November 5 next year with men's football, handball and triathlon due to be held in Viña del Mar.

"Because of its sporting tradition and its geographical location within the region, we want Viña del Mar to be a kind of capital of the Promesas Chile programme in the region, because we have boys from San Felipe, Viña del Mar, Quilpué, Villa Alemana, passing through El Melón and La Calera," added a coach, per Radio Festival.