University rector Katja Rade and adh secretary general Benjamin Schenk signing the agreement ©adh

Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT) has become a partner university for "top-class sport" after signing a cooperation agreement with the German University Sports Federation (adh).

Also signing it was the Olympic Training Centre of Stuttgart and the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, the students association.

It adds another level of support prior to the 2025 International University Sports Federation (FISU) Rhine-Ruhr World University Games.

"With the signed contract, excellent conditions have been created at the HFT Stuttgart for a successful dual career," said adh general secretary Benjamin Schenk.

"This partnership means the HFT Stuttgart will act responsibly towards its student athletes.

"With its infrastructure, the Olympic Training Centre Stuttgart offers - in various sports - great training conditions. 

"The HFT and the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart make it possible individual support for the athletes during their studies. 

"We will continue to strengthen the partner universities of top-class sport - especially in the course of the 2025 Rhine-Ruhr FISU World University Games - through our role and services, such as the 'Starting 11' project."

HFT Stuttgart has nine competitive top athletes also studying at the university for bachelor's degrees.

Applicants to the university who are in top-class sport and are set to study in the city can be accepted by an advanced quota, including those on Olympic level, team sports, international reserve squads and junior teams of the German Olympic Sports Confederation.

Rhine-Ruhr is to host the 2025 FISU World University Games ©FISU
Rhine-Ruhr is to host the 2025 FISU World University Games ©FISU

Top athletes are to receive individual support from the university's central student advisory service through the cooperation agreement, while solutions can be made for those who miss exams due to major competitions.

"A lot of top athletes study at the Olympic Training Centre in Stuttgart," said Herbert Wursthorn, career advisor at the Olympic Training Centre in Stuttgart. 

"They have to constantly and simultaneously master high and very high demands in sports and studies.

"The HFT Stuttgart accompanies you on this path and thus creates the necessary freedom for top performances in sport and in training."

Student athletes can sign a declaration of membership to receive benefits from the university and in return, will perform representative tasks and advise new students, following the completion of their studies.