Eric Garcetti will depart as Los Angeles Mayor this year ©Getty Images

Los Angeles' outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti included the 2028 Olympic Games on a list of marquee achievements during his final State of the City address, although his proposed appointment as the United States' Ambassador to India remains stalled.

Garcetti has been put forward for the senior diplomatic role by US President Joe Biden, but his confirmation has been delayed amid an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment made against senior advisor Rick Jacobs.

Garcetti has insisted that he was unaware of complaints about Jacobs' behaviour - including under oath - but other depositions in the case do not support this version of events.

This has fuelled doubts over Garcetti's suitability to be the Ambassador to India and Axios, citing a source in Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer's office, reports Democrats do not have the 50 votes required to be confirmed.

In Los Angeles, Garcetti reflected on what he has achieved in office in his final State of the City address - with transport upgrades and securing hosting rights for the Olympics and Paralympics in 2028 featuring prominently.

"Today, a pothole gets filled almost six days faster than it did in 2014… and two-thirds of our streets are rated in good condition versus less than half back on my first day in office," Garcetti claimed.

Garcetti went on to insist he has "answered fast" to the need to "build more housing, lay down more Metro lines, get transit to the airport, replace our broken pipes and sagging power lines, invest in our ageing port, increase our resiliency, raise our minimum wage to reduce poverty".

"Well, in just a couple of years, you’ll be able to fly home into a beautiful and reborn airport at LAX, hop on transit right from the terminal, connect directly to the new Crenshaw/LAX Line… ride through revitalised corridors where housing is rising at three times the rate as when I started… and through a city that led the movement to raise the minimum wage and quadrupled the number of youth jobs. 

"And it won’t be long before that train will drop you off at the brand-new Lucas Museum, or at many of the 12,000 affordable and supportive housing units called home by people who once lived in tents. 

"And six summers from now, you’ll ride right to the Coliseum for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Los Angeles has hosted the Olympics twice before ©Getty Images
Los Angeles has hosted the Olympics twice before ©Getty Images

Garcetti played a key role in the city landing the hosting rights for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games and joined International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach on stage at the 2017 IOC Session in Lima, when Los Angeles was victorious in a dual award which saw Paris granted 2024 hosting rights.

Los Angeles is set to host the Olympic Games for the third time, after 1932 and 1984, but the Paralympics for the first time.

Tom Bradley was Mayor when Los Angeles played host in 1984.

Garcetti claimed Bradley "knew the Olympics could make a profit to fund youth sports for generations and left us a template for the 2028 Games" when recalling past Los Angeles leaders.

Garcetti later urged the city's next Mayor to "throw the best Olympic Games this world has ever seen and leave behind a legacy of opportunity."

Los Angeles is due to elect a new Mayor on November 8.

Their term will last until 2026, covering a key period in the build-up to the Games.

Los Angeles City Council approved the Games Agreement - a key accord which outlines responsibilities held by the city and the Organising Committee - in December.

The agreement crucially states that Los Angeles 2028 may request the officials "provide enhanced city resources that exceed normal and customary levels", while the City of Los Angeles is already on the hook for the first $270 million (£210 million/€250 million) should the Games run over budget after an "allocated contingency" of the same amount was put aside by the Organising Committee.