IMMAF has released two databases with information on current and former athletes ©IMMAF

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) has launched two interactive databases featuring the organisation's current athletes and alumni.

The Athletes Database features approximately 2,200 IMMAF fighters across senior, junior and youth categories and lists the accolades of all medallists.

Users can view a breakdown of IMMAF bouts that fighters have contested.

"I'm really pleased about the official launch of our own IMMAF database," said IMMAF's chief technology officer Mikhail Mazur about the Athletes Database.

"This is the only official source of truth when it comes to IMMAF events.

"No other online database will be as accurate or as complete as ours with regards to athletes’ IMMAF records.

"This is something that has been long overdue and I'm glad that I can contribute to IMMAF’s development in improving the accessibility of our tournament data.

"Athletes will be able to share their profiles to showcase their status, while coaches can study future opponents’ records here.

"We will be updating the database with each subsequent event."

The IMMAF alumni page currently features athletes from 10 different countries ©IMMAF
The IMMAF alumni page currently features athletes from 10 different countries ©IMMAF

The alumni pages document IMMAF veterans who have moved into professional mixed martial arts.

"The IMMAF alumni section of highlights and showcases athletes who have graduated from the IMMAF platform to enter the upper tiers of professional MMA, enabling fans, media and matchmakers alike to discover more information about the sport's exciting up and comers," said IMMAF membership and talent development consultant Jordan Curran.

"Listed by nationality, the profiles detail the accolades of top standouts who have competed at the premier level of amateur MMA, plus their professional career highlights to date, and of course, where they are now."

The databases are in line with the governing body's aims of developing MMA, with hopes of seeing the sport in the Olympic Games.

"I am proud of these developments to that make IMMAF competitions more accessible to industry stakeholders, media and fans and better promote IMMAF’s athletes, as the talent level continues to rise exponentially," said IMMAF President Kerrith Brown.

"These projects, alongside the relaunch of our online streaming platform and its forthcoming integration with live tournament data, further our goal of creating a seamless, holistic and more enjoyable viewing experience for MMA fans."