The Boccia International Sports Federation ran a development project in India ©BISFed

The Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed) has successfully concluded a development project in India.

Its aims were to increase the knowledge and expertise of the sport in the country and then to capitalise on this added enthusiasm.

To achieve these goals, BISFed used its Making Boccia Accessible and Coaching Level One courses to teach the Paralympic sport.

Thirteen course participants have since gone on to deliver boccia training to more than 100 adults and children in schools and centres in Mumbai, Pune, Haryana, Punjab and Navi Mumbai.

One of the centres involved was the Adapt Bandra Sports Centre, whose senior director Rekha Vijayakar said: "Our children with cerebral palsy, autism and down's syndrome participated with great interest in the exciting sports activities, anxiously awaiting the training sessions. 

"All the games come as challenges to our special participants."

The project was run by BISFed and other partners ©BISFed
The project was run by BISFed and other partners ©BISFed

Adapt Bandra hosted the Maharashtra State Invitational Open Boccia Tournament as the final stage of the project, with 42 people taking part.

The work at the Centre is said to have generated so much interest in boccia that the local team trained 13 more coaches and recruited volunteers to help them work in other places.

BISFed were assisted in the scheme by the Agitos Foundation, the International Paralympic Committee's development arm, and petrol giant BP.

Boccia India and Reech Sports were also involved.

"BISFed is grateful to all our partners on this project," said BISFed President David Hadfield.

"It has shown how, working together with local organisations, it is possible to reach and inspire large numbers of people who may not otherwise have the chance to play sport."