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peter bayer_and_yoggl_05-01-12January 5 - Innsbruck 2012 – the first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games – will have a "charming" Opening Ceremony when they get underway on January 13 even though it is spending less than Singapore did on the first Summer Youth Olympics in 2010, claims their chief executive Peter Bayer (pictured right with mascot Yoggl).

Speaking to insidethegames, Bayer said: "We will have a smaller [than Singapore] but charming Opening Ceremony.

"We are not in the position to spend as much money as in Singapore.

"Everything else – operationally, transport, food, accommodation – I think we for sure [will try] to be as good as Singapore.

"They showed that is key...and we want to have happy athletes here.

"We will focus on delivering good services to the athletes."

He adds that they have become good friends with the Organising Committee of Singapore 2010, who hosted the first ever Youth Olympic Games.

Bayer is also delighted with the commercial work the Innsbruck 2012 Organising Committee has put into hosting the Games, and says that they have overcome obstacles to raise significant revenue.

"We have today 34 partners supporting us and we are really happy and proud of what we have achieved together with IOC (International Olympic Committee) and its top sponsors, many of whom are very supportive and enthusiastic about the idea of Youth Olympic Games," said Bayer.

"Though I have to admit that it was tough in the beginning because with a new product in certain areas it is not as easy to approach a partner as if you have an established Olympic Games which happen on a different size.

"But we had some quite good ideas and refreshing offers to partners so we are happy.

"If I look at the Torch Relay for example with Samsung helping us, Acer supporting us on digital media, Dow on education and culture, McDonalds with volunteers and communications.

"Omega are doing timing and results and Panasonic screens.

"Samsung are not only supporting the Torch Relay but the celebration side which means we will have great concerts and a digital media arts festival."

innsbruck 2012_torch_relay_05-01-12
Bayer added: "There are many more who are supplying us with goods and services so we are quite happy and have [achieved more] than we have targeted."

With eight days to go until the Games, Bayer has a simple message to the world.

"We are just looking forward to welcoming all of you in Innsbruck," he said.

"We are ready; winter has come with Santa Claus and that's really the final message – come and see it and be part of it.

"We want everyone to be here and involved and take part and to share with everyone else."

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