The queen of golf, Nelly Korda, takes a break after making history. GETTY IMAGES

World number one Nelly Korda couldn't take it any more. She decided to withdraw from the LPGA Los Angeles Championship after winning five tournaments in a row. She won the Chevron Championship on Sunday. She joined her team on Monday with little rest. Fifteen days and she'll be back in New Jersey.

Nelly Korda couldn't go on. She asked for forgiveness and understanding. But she couldn't go on. Her body said enough. On Monday, she withdrew from the LPGA Los Angeles Championship. She was exhausted after setting a tour record with her fifth consecutive victory and her second major victory.

Korda had barely had a week's rest, the LPGA's five-week break. But she still managed to make it five in a row, further cementing her position as the world number one.

She won the Chevron Championship at Carlton Woods in the Houston suburbs on Sunday. She joins Annika Sorenstam and Nancy Lopez as the only LPGA players to win five titles in a row. It's already history. "In a statement posted on social media, Korda said, "I haven't fully processed the win, but I'm truly overwhelmed by all the love and support I've received.

Korda jumps into the water to celebrate her victory in the Chevron Championship. GETTY IMAGES
Korda jumps into the water to celebrate her victory in the Chevron Championship. GETTY IMAGES

"I just wanted to let everyone know that after a lot of thought and consideration with my team, I have decided to pull out of the championship in Los Angeles." Everyone understood. It's normal. Her body, even though it's the best it's ever been, couldn't handle that much demand and pressure.

Korda won the Drive On Championship in January. After a break, she won four times in five weeks, resting only when the LPGA took a week off to coincide with the Masters.

"This has not been an easy decision," wrote Korda. "After an incredible week at The Chevron and overcoming the physical and mental challenges of four events in the last five weeks, I am definitely feeling exhausted. With so much on the horizon in 2024, I feel I need to listen to my body and get some rest to be ready for the rest of the season."

Now she will have just over 15 days to rest, especially mentally. Her next scheduled event is the LPGA Founders Cup in Clifton, New Jersey from 9-12 May. A win there would give Korda an unprecedented six consecutive victories. "I look forward to seeing everyone in New Jersey," Korda wrote.

Scottie Scheffler and Nelly Korda are now the models of golf. Korda was 25 when she won the Chevron Championship. It was the first major of the season and the second of her career. Her reign has turned her game into a domain where it's difficult for another player to enter. There were 132 competitors and none came close. 

Her dominance is such that it recalls periods of supremacy in other sports such as boxing when Mike Tyson was invincible, cycling today with Tadej Pogacar determined to make his mark, or Michael Schumacher's years in Formula One. Or in tennis with Roger Federer. 

However, the difference is that in those sports Pogacar always had a Van der Poel or Vingegaard to challenge him, just as Federer had Nadal or Tyson Holyfield. With Korda, there seems to be no one to challenge her in a season. "Now the rest of us are playing to see who's second." New Zealand's Lydia Ko was quoted by the specialist media.

Two years ago she was already a great player, but working with Eric Dietrich has made her the reference. If Korda had a weakness, it was putting. With Dietrich, the American has taken a leap forward by changing her method and surpassing herself. For the moment, invincible.