Inspired by the world of games and animation, "TO Tag" made its debut on Saturday as the mascot of the FISU World University Games Winter Torino 2025.

As our daily lives regularly intersect between real life and the digital world, "TO Tag" has been designed to bring the best of the digital world into real life and will represent the Torino 2025 FISU Games next year. The unveiling ceremony took place in the Transparency Hall of the Regione Piemonte skyscraper in Torino. FISU President Leonz Eder, the President of the Torino 2025 Organising Committee Alessandro Ciro Sciretti, and the Councillor for Sport of the City of Turin Domenico Carretta were present for the debut of "TO Tag". The President of the Torino 2025 Organising Committee, Alessandro Ciro Sciretti, commented: "TO Tag is ready to become the most active ambassador of the FISU Torino 2025 Games and soon we will soon see it on our mountains, which in less than a year will be the stage for this fantastic event." 

"TO Tag" es the image of the FISU World University Games Winter Torino 2025. FISU

"We are ready to welcome the world, and the choice of this mascot is our manifesto: we want to break down all barriers and welcome everyone who wants to experience the emotions of the next FISU Winter Games, which will return to our region after 18 years," he added. The name "TO Tag" evokes many ideas: 

-The "TO" to represent Turin as the host city of the FISU Games and the permanent home of the FISU World University Games torch and flame of knowledge. 

-The term "Tag", which in English can refer to a children's game of running, chasing, and moving, but which is now ubiquitous in our global social networks as a term representing the desire to include someone in one's discourse. 

-As a robot, "TO Tag" symbolises the search for the future of innovation and solidarity. It does not have a specific body shape, nor a highlighted or underlined gender identity, and it shares all of the values of the FISU World University Games Winter. "TO Tag" is inclusive, egalitarian and seeks friendship and bonds that transcend all prejudices.

"TO Tag", a revolutionary and modern mascot for Torino 2025. FISU

"It was great to meet "TO Tag" today! Such an original mascot, with its pixelated face and captivating colours, I'm sure it will win the hearts of all fans," said FISU President Leonz Eder, who was present at the unveiling. 

"TO Tag's" will play an ambassadorial role in a busy 11 months. With the Torino 2025 FISU Games set to be held in six Piedmontese municipalities (Torino, Bardonecchia, Pragelato, Torre Pellice, Pinerolo, Sestriere), with 11 sports and, for the first time, including student-athletes with disabilities (alpine and cross-country skiing), the new mascot has an active year ahead. This means lots of smiles, selfies, posts, visits and fun until the Opening Ceremony on 13 January 2025.