AI technology was used for the first time at the recently concluded FIG World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp as an aid to the judges ©Getty Images

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) was used for the first time at the recent International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Antwerp.

After an agreement between FIG and Fujitsu Limited, the new technology was introduced as a judging support system (JSS) for all competition elements.

The AI system - which replaces the previous JSS which relied upon sensors - uses camera-based image analysis to achieve greater fairness, accuracy, and comprehensive judging support.

According to a joint release, the system "delivers substantial improvements in processing speed".

This allows judges "to analyse gymnasts' performances with unprecedented precision and detail with the ability to capture the complex movements of gymnasts in near real-time."

The introduction of the completed system for competition coincides with Fujitsu's plans to launch its human motion analytics platform in April 2024 to aid in the training of gymnasts.