A new vertical video feed will enhance viewing of the ICC Men's World Cup that has just begun in India ©Getty Images

Viewers of the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 which got underway today will be able to access a new vertical video feed when they watch the International Cricket Council (ICC) TV content.

The ICC's vertical feed will be a first-of-its-kind coverage for the sport across all the 48 World Cup matches which will conclude with a final on November 19.

The technology will provide fans with an easier and more intuitive viewing experience on mobile phones that allows them to consume content on-the-go in the most convenient handheld position.

For fans, this approach to consuming ICC events will provide more access to World Cup action than ever before.

The vertical feed will include the addition of split-screens in its coverage.

With a focus on building more context to the on-field action, the split-screen feature will unlock an additional dimension for the viewers and provide a further sense of proximity to the action.

The production will use a carefully curated array of dedicated vertically oriented cameras, whilst utilising the world feed cameras for split screens.

Viewers of the men's World Cup in India will have their experience enhanced by a new vertical video feed on ICC TV ©Getty Images
Viewers of the men's World Cup in India will have their experience enhanced by a new vertical video feed on ICC TV ©Getty Images

The production will also feature match graphics and bespoke production enhancements to enhance the vertically oriented coverage.

The vertical video feed will also make use of traditional technical and editorial storytelling tools.

Key features like ball tracking, player tracking and field plot will be tailored to fit the vertical format.

The coverage will also have a world-class commentary panel calling the action.

ICC chief commercial officer Anurag Dahiya said: "Cricket fans always look forward to the high-quality broadcast coverage of ICC events.

"We are very excited to launch cricket’s first-ever vertical video production at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

"This game-changing initiative promises to transform the fan viewing experience."

Sanjog Gupta, head of sports, Disney Star, said: "Consumers' preferences and habits are evolving more rapidly than ever before.

"The 'vertical feed' aims to deliver to digital users, enhanced convenience, engagement and immersion, beyond the differentiated screen orientation.

"With its uniquely designed production style entailing cameras, graphics, direction, replays and other enhancements, it promises to change the way cricket is watched."