Boat traffic will not be allowed close to the Paris 2024 Athletes' Village during the Olympic and Paralympic Games after a new deal was signed with Voies navigables de France ©Getty Images

Boat traffic on the the Seine close to the Paris 2024 Athletes' Village will be halted for the duration of the Olympic and ParalympicGames.

Paris 2024 organisers have agreed a deal with Voies navigables de France, the body responsible for the country's river navigation.

The Athletes' Village in Seine-Saint-Denis is located next to the river and boats passing through will be stopped for safety reasons.

According to French newspaper L'Equipe, two million tonnes of goods would normally be transported on the river between Paris and Rouen, during the period when the Games will be held.

This will instead be redirected onto a smaller arm of the Seine, although this has not been in regular use.

Work will be carried out to dredge and clear this part of the river, as well as developing the banks and installing traffic lights.

This will cost €15 million (£13 million/$15.7 million) and be covered by Solideo, the Paris 2024 delivery works company.

Étienne Thobois, the chief executive of Paris 2024, confirmed that river traffic would still be halted during the Paralympic Games, even though the Village will not be as busy.

He added that talks are ongoing about stopping boats around the planned Olympic Opening Ceremony on July 26, which is planned for the Seine.

The Paris 2024 Athletes' Village is located next to the Seine ©Getty Images
The Paris 2024 Athletes' Village is located next to the Seine ©Getty Images

The unique curtain-raiser is due to see athletes travel down the river instead of a traditional ceremony in a stadium.

As well as the ceremony itself, boats would also need to be stopped during rehearsals, with a much larger section of the river affected.

Around 500,000 people could line the banks, meaning security is a big issue.

Thobois claimed he wanted to disrupt river activity as "little as possible". 

The Seine is also due to host triathlon and marathon swimming at Paris 2024 but there are fears about water quality.

Triathlon's test event was held in August but an earlier Open Water Swimming World Cup was cancelled after heavy rainfall led to sewers overflowing.

Paris officials have been attempting to clean the river and want to open it up for public swimming in 2025, for the first time in more than 100 years.

The Paris 2024 Olympics are due to close on August 11, before the Paralympics between August 28 and September 8.