The World Curling Federation now has 73 members after the granting of provisional status to Philippines and Puerto Rico and conditional status to Pakistan at its Congress in Seoul ©WCF

The World Curling Federation (WCF) has taken its membership up to 73 with the additions of Pakistan, the Philippines and Puerto Rico at its Congress in Seoul.

Philippines and Puerto Rico were approved as provisional members, the second tier of membership covering National Associations with the support of national sporting authorities in their country and with rules and regulations acceptable to the WCF.

Pakistan was approved as a conditional member, denoting groups working towards the establishment of a National Association.

Neither provisional nor conditional members can vote at WCF General Assemblies, but those with provisional status are entitled to compete at World Championship events.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Thailand advanced from conditional to provisional members at the Congress held at the Seoul Olympic Parktel.

Members also voted to allow proxy voting when only some of the delegation is in attendance and to alter the Constitution to include gender inclusive language.

Requirements for officials to stand for vice-presidential positions through their member association's zone have also been removed.

The WCF Congress was the first since last year's in Lausanne, where the United States' Beau Welling was elected to succeed Scotland's Kate Caithness, who had reached the maximum 12 years in office.

In a review of the year, Welling expressed satisfaction at the WCF's position.

"As we conclude the first year of the new quadrennial, I can’t overemphasise how excited we are about the future of our sport," he said.

"It is increasingly evident that when we work together, we can make good things happen.

"Our talented and committed Board and staff, as well as our larger dedicated curling community have embraced the idea of pursuing excellence and driving to make our organisation and sport better and better."

Next year's WCF Congress is set to be held in the Canadian city of Montreal from September 5 to 7.