A preliminary construction plan has been unveiled for the transformation of Santa Monica Beach into a Los Angeles 2028 venue ©Getty Images

Santa Monica has announced a preliminary construction plan for its hosting of beach volleyball competition during the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Santa Monica City Council has submitted a guarantee to confirm its beach will be available during the 2028 Olympic Games.

Under the construction plan, 400 spaces in the Beach Lot 1 North car park would initially be occupied in April and May 2028, as reported by the Santa Monica Daily Press.

In June, this is set to double to 800 car park spaces being used, as well as the beach construction area.

Exact dates are to be confirmed, however during July and August the entire Beach Lot 1 North car park and beach venue area are expected to be fenced off.

Later in August, on dates to be confirmed, the fencing would be taken down, requiring the use of 800 parking spaces in the Beach Lot 1 North car park.

A temporary 12,000-seater arena is set to be constructed to the north of the pier, alongside warm-up and practice courts, while broadcasting areas are set to be situated in the Beach Lot 1 North car park.

Nathan Smithson, director of marketing at Pacific Park, an amusement park based on the Santa Monica Pier, said the venue was looking forward to welcoming Olympic sports.

A temporary arena is due to be constructed to the north of Santa Monica Pier during its hosting of beach volleyball at LA 2028 ©Getty Images
A temporary arena is due to be constructed to the north of Santa Monica Pier during its hosting of beach volleyball at LA 2028 ©Getty Images

"We’re looking forward to both the 2026 FIFA World Cup and the 2028 Olympics," said Smithson.

"We learned from recent large-scale events, there are logistic and resource challenges to these huge events, especially during the summer when we are already getting tens-of-thousands-of visitors each day.

"Our goal is to work with the event organisers and provide unique solutions and ideas to give these world-class events some Santa Monica Pier character."

Executive director of the Santa Monica Pier Corporation Jim Harris added: "We recognise, as do city staff, that the Olympics plans with regard to traffic and parking will likely be the most complex that the city has had to prepare for, and the earlier that we can collectively get started on planning, the better."

Community partnerships manager for the City of Santa Monica Melissa Spagnuolo added: "We have already considered potentially having free shuttles from some of the other beach slots and also some of the satellite parking lots further east in the city near some of the metro stations, so those are things that we definitely can consider and work with LA 28 on."

Alternative parking and transportation options during the closure of the Beach Lot 1 North car park, as well as a communication plan for residents and visitors, are set to be developed during the negotiation of the venue use agreement, which is still to be finalised.

As well as beach volleyball, Santa Monica is also due to host skateboarding and surfing during LA 2028, as well as 3x3 basketball in conjunction with Venice Beach.

The 2028 Olympics are due to take place in Los Angeles from July 21 to August 6 2028, and are set to mark the third time the city will have hosted the Summer Olympics, following on from editions in 1932 and 1984.