Sport climbing has been added to the programme for the second Neom Beach Games ©Neom Beach Games

Organisers have revealed plans for triathlon, beach soccer, 3x3 basketball, mountain biking and sport climbing to take place at this year's second edition of the Neom Beach Games.

Neom is a still-under construction project in the north-west of Saudi Arabia with an estimated cost of $500 billion (£401 billion/€467 billion).

It forms part of the Saudi Vision 2030 to transform the country's economy and reduce its reliance on oil, and hopes to emerge as a sports destination.

The planned resort of Trojena has already been controversially awarded the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

The first Neom Beach Games were held last year, and four of the sports have remained on the programme, with kitesurfing dropped and sport climbing added.

Mountain biking is again on the programme for the Neom Beach Games ©Neom Beach Games
Mountain biking is again on the programme for the Neom Beach Games ©Neom Beach Games

The grand finale to the Super League Triathlon season is set to be the first event on October 21, followed by a beach soccer tournament from October 25 to 28.

A men's International Basketball Federation 3x3 Challenger tournament, the last of the year, is scheduled for November 2 to 4, followed by the Titan Desert Saudi Arabia from November 14 to 17.

An International Federation of Sport Climbing Masters event from November 22 to 24 is set to conclude this year's schedule for the Beach Games.

More than 800 athletes and staff members are set to attend the Neom Beach Games supported by a volunteer programme featuring 50 participants, and Neom's managing director of sport Jan Paterson claimed the Games would be a step forward in its ambitions.

"We are excited once again to be hosting the Neom Beach Games, and it is a privilege to work with National Federations and international rights-holders as we aspire to be a natural home for global sports events," she said.

"The inclusion of the International Federation of Sport Climbing in this year’s games is exciting, aligning with our goals to build a high-performance culture and inspire the next generations of athletes across the Kingdom."

The Neom project has drawn concerns from United Nations-appointed experts for members of the Howeitat tribe being evicted from their homes without sufficient compensation, three opponents reportedly being sentenced to death and other allegedly subject to torture.

Saudi Arabia's rise as a host for major sports events has also prompted accusations of attempted "sportswashing" of the Mohammed bin Salman regime's human rights record.

Homosexuality and same-sex marriage are both outlawed according to Saudi Arabia's uncodified Islamic law, its record on women's rights continues to be heavily criticised, and the Saudi leadership's role in the bombing of Yemen, restrictions on free speech and use of the death penalty are among the other concerns.