The Maribor 2023 Torch design features a central part made of 40 per cent recycled wood and 60 per cent recycled plastic ©Marko Pigac/Maribor 2023

Organisers have unveiled what they claim is a sustainable design for the Maribor 2023 Summer European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) Torch.

The crown of the Torch consists of stainless steel, and its shape has been derived from the event logo.

Notches between the surface of the crown allow the Torch to carry the Flame.

The central part of the Torch uses three-dimensional printing techniques from wood PLA, a material composed of 40 per cent recycle wood and 60 per cent recycled plastic.

Maribor 2023 said the Torch tied in with the EYOF's "with sustainability at heart" slogan and followed the EYOF's Sustainable Action Plan.

In another initiative launched by Coca-Cola, the more than 500,000 waste bottle and cans donated by Slovenians in the space of two months have been turned into a victory stage for athletes at the EYOF.

Slovenia is set to host the Summer EYOF for the first time from July 23 to 29 ©Maribor 2023
Slovenia is set to host the Summer EYOF for the first time from July 23 to 29 ©Maribor 2023

This stage is set to be donated to local sports organisations for their competitions after the conclusion of the multi-sport event.

Maribor 2023 is scheduled to take place from July 23 to 29, marking the second Summer EYOF in the space of 12 months after the COVID-19-enforced postponement to last year's event in Banská Bystrica in Slovakia.

It is set to mark the first time Slovenia has held the Summer EYOF, although it held the Winter edition in Bled in 2003.

Approximately 3,600 athletes are expected to compete in Maribor across 11 sports, including skateboarding, mountain biking and 3x3 basketball for the first time.