Leading journalists took part in what will be the first of a series of training days seeking to enhance coverage of the Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games in November ©Santiago 2023

Leading journalists and members of the Canal 13 sport area team gathered at the Santiago 2023 Corporation offices for a training programme to enhance the broadcasting of sports in this year's Pan American and Parapan American Games.

The event was attended by experienced broadcasters, editors and producers, with those present including Chantal Aguilar, Juan Cristobal Guarello and Ignacio Valenzuela.

They were joined by members of the Organising Committee and the President of the Chilean Paralympic Committee (COPACHI), Sebastián Villavicencio.

The activity, which was led by Marcela Ramón, assistant manager of Parapan American Planning and Integration (PPI) of Santiago 2023, focused on sharing the necessary tools and recommendations to this group of professionals.

It also aimed to help create a correct television experience around the competitions by offering advice on issues such as use of language, editorial line of content and audiovisual concepts.

Television journalist Luis Marambio, one of the participants, said: "The responsibility of the media is showing a reality without avoiding it, without euphemisms and with the correct language. 

"In this line, there are several issues that are linked to inclusion, equity, which in an instance such as these Games won’t only make us better as a media, but as a society in general."

Aguilar, the new host of Teletrece's sports section, highlighted the role of mass media in the face of events such as this one.

"I think it’s very important that we’re well prepared for what we’re going to present," she said. 

Some of Chile's leading journalists and broadcasters attended a training day focusing on producing the best possible coverage of Santiago 2023 ©Santiago 2023
Some of Chile's leading journalists and broadcasters attended a training day focusing on producing the best possible coverage of Santiago 2023 ©Santiago 2023

"It’ll be almost a month that we’ll be talking about this important event for our country, so communicating and transmitting it in the right way, for me, as a journalist and communicator, is essential. 

"Handling the concepts, the language and giving the dignity that corresponds to those who will be competing."

In addition, the commercial, marketing and communications chief officer of Santiago 2023 Juan Carlos Chamy, also praised the initiative saying: "We understand that being with Canal 13, a channel with important faces who know a lot about sports, to introduce them even more into the Paralympic world, will help them a lot.

"The general public will be very grateful to have broadcasts with communicators who know about language and everything related to inclusion."

Andrés Canales, executive producer of Canal 13, expressed the willingness of the channel to take part in this type of event.

"We’re going to continue with this kind of training," he said. 

"We want to learn more not only about the Parapan American Games, but also about the Pan American Games. 

"Even when many of us have already been to previous Games, we want to know more."

At the end of the meeting Villavicencio highlighted the importance of the Parapan American Games, scheduled to take place from November 17 to 26, following on from the Pan American Games, due to be held between October 20 and November 5.

"With these Games we have a unique opportunity for the whole country and our people to watch them," he said.

"The media are very important allies, since they’re in charge of transmitting the sports activities, and that is why we must train them and give them the necessary tools so they can broadcast in the greatest way."

This was the first of several training sessions that will take place in the coming months, designed to increase collaboration between Santiago 2023 and the official channels that will broadcast the continental event.