A total of 47 organisations and federations staged events on the first World Ice Skating Day ©ISU

Indonesia has won the International Skating Union (ISU) prize for the inaugural World Ice Skating Day (WISD).

The award, designed to encourage participation in ice skating, encouraged clubs and National Federations to "demonstrate original and out of the box ideas to make their WISD events stand out and most importantly ensure that the kids and the whole public had an unforgettable time on the ice."

In total, 47 organisations entered the inaugural competition for events held on December 4.

Indonesia won a prize of CHF5,000 (£4,480/$5,300/€5,030) for events which attracted more than 500 participants.

They organised events in nine cities with 3,600 taking part and praised their use of digital promotion.

They said the Indonesian events included "a wide range of activities that included free coaching sessions for beginners, fun games for the kids and contests with prizes."

 A one-day free pass voucher was offered to those attending.

"We wanted to use the WISD as a platform to grow the sport of ice skating across the whole of Indonesia and it is our dream to be considered as a serious skating nation in the coming years," said Indonesian Ice Skating Federation President Susan Herawati.

"Thank you to ISU and WISD for providing us with this opportunity to ignite a spark of ice skating in our tropical country."

Mexico won the award for an event with less than 500 participants, which earned them a prize of CHF3,000 (£2,690/$3,185/€3,015).

Mexican Olympian Donovan Carillo helped promote World Ice Skating Day in Nuevo Leon, Mexico ©Getty Images
Mexican Olympian Donovan Carillo helped promote World Ice Skating Day in Nuevo Leon, Mexico ©Getty Images

They had promoted their event with a digital campaign involving Donovan Carillo, Mexico’s flag bearer and only figure skater at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

"When we first heard of the WISD we were thinking amongst ourselves whether organising an event would be feasible for a small association like ours with only 200 members, managed by volunteers, and in a country where ice skating is not the most popular sport," Nueva Leon Winter Sport Association President Hannia Huerta admitted.

"But we took it upon ourselves as a challenge to celebrate this day along with the rest of the world and help boost the interest levels of young Mexicans to come and witness the beauty of ice skating." 

The Ice Academy of Montreal was chosen as the winner for the Ice Dance category.

They brought together local youngsters with club members to skate to an arranged piece.

"We loved the choreography and wanted to have fun with it and include everyone who joined us for the #WISD," explained Ice Academy of Montreal President Jamal Othman.

"It was all about enjoying the moment with your friends and family on the ice and let loose!"

The academy also collected a prize of CHF3,000.