Santiago 2023 executive director Gianna Cunazza has stressed the need for anticipation in dealing with security problems ©Santiago 2023

Santiago 2023 executive director Gianna Cunazza has called on organisers to "plan with anticipation for possible crises" during the Pan American Games.

A security workshop for the Pan American Games organised by the Organisation of American States' Inter American Committee against Terrorism, brought together representatives of the United Nations (UN), Canadian Ambassador Michael Gort and officials from Chilean Ministries of sport and foreign affairs.

"Planning must begin to be managed with anticipation, with advice from experts and comparison of cases studies," Cunazza said.

"You always have to be updated and see in a comprehensive way the possible crises that we may experience during the Games period and this workshop is held to support all the efforts that we have already carried out in this matter." 

Santiago Metropolitan Police chief General Jean Camus Dávila joined the gathering with United Nations Inter Regional Crime and Justice Research institute official Ducio Mazzarese.

Delegates heard presentations about security and planning.

These featured case studies from the 2015 Games in Toronto and the most recent Games in Lima held before the pandemic in 2019.

"The next Panamerican Games in Santiago are an historic mega sports event that Chile has the privilege of organising," Chilean Sports Minister Alexandra Benado said.

"It entails sports preparation every day, but they also require facing this challenge with an optimal level."

The Games are scheduled to open on October 20 and continue until November 5.