The Stade Pierre-Mauroy has previously held knockout matches at EuroBasket 2015, and Andreas Zagklis said it would be "possible to increase the total number of spectators for basketball" ©Getty Images

International Basketball Federation (FIBA) secretary general Andreas Zagklis has acknowledged that "basketball must contribute to the financial success" of the Paris 2024 Olympics with a proposed move of group stage matches to Lille.

However, he insisted that the safety and wellbeing of athletes remained FIBA's top priority.

FIBA granted conditional approval to the staging of group matches at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, after officials previously expressed concerns over the relocation of matches from the French capital.

The Bercy Arena in Paris remains set to hots knockout matches of the men's and women's basketball tournaments.

The approval from the FIBA Central Board was "pending confirmation that the FIBA requirements are met, notably those relating to the health and safety of the players and the associated risks".

Zagklis expressed his satisfaction at the capacity of the Stade Pierre-Mauroy during Paris 2024, with the venue able to host 27,000 spectators during the EuroBasket 2015 knockout phase, but that FIBA could not negotiate on the safety of players.

"It is not the first time that the group stage and the final stage will not be played in one and the same city," the Greek official said.

"On the other hand, the Paris 2024 Olympics are the first to take place in the new framework, which allows the qualifying rounds to take place outside the host city.

FIBA secretary general Andreas Zagklis insisted
FIBA secretary general Andreas Zagklis insisted "we cannot compromise on issues related to the health and safety" ©

"We have accepted clear requests from the IOC [International Olympic Committee] with the idea that basketball must contribute to the financial success of the Games, with up to 25,000 or 27,000 spectators per match, which also makes it possible to increase the total number of spectators for the basketball in a radius relatively close to Paris and accessible by train or bus.

"We can compromise on where the first round of the Olympic Games will take place, but we cannot compromise on issues related to the health and safety of our athletes.

"This means that the work that has been done must be completed in order to be sure that the reception conditions, in the stadium where the matches will be played and where we played our matches at EuroBasket 2015, will be ideal in a city like Lille where, as we know, there is a lot of humidity."

IOC Olympic Games executive director Christophe Dubi said last week that FIBA's conditional approval of the Stade Pierre-Mauroy was "excellent news".

The basketball venue for Paris 2024 has proved contentious this year.

Hall Six of the Arena Paris Sud was the original planned venue, but concerns were raised over poor ventilation and its nine-metre ceiling.

Paris 2024 selected the Stade Pierre-Mauroy as a replacement for the preliminary phase in July, and FIBA granted its conditional approval earlier this month.