The French Polynesia Olympic Committee held the seminar in Tahiti ©COPF Tahiti

Tahiti has hosted its first volunteers seminar to get its workers well prepared for when it hosts the 2027 Pacific Games in five years' time.

There are to be 4,000 volunteers at the event in French Polynesia, which is scheduled to succeed the 2023 Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands.

Education was the first step in this, with attendees having an introduction into how the event is held and how they would filter into the structure of the Organising Committee (COJ).

"During this first morning of contact, they were able to get acquainted with the general concept of the Games, the structural and operational organisation of the Organising Committee and the issues related to the involvement of volunteers from 2023 within the COJ departments and committees," read a statement.

"The work took place in a friendly and studious atmosphere at the same time. 

"In the same way, the exchanges were very enriching and stimulating, each bringing their stone to the building in a relevant way."

"Above all, the diversity of expertise, horizons, and experiences of the participants has contributed to creating a superb dynamic that enhances the quality of future collaborations."

This mobilisation is set to continue into January 2023.

Tahiti was named the hosts of the 2027 Pacific Games last year, beating Vanuatu in the race at the Pacific Games Council General Assembly.