Devleena and Andrew Canday have become the first GAMMA-certified officials who are a couple ©GAMMA

Andrew and Devleena Canday from India are expanding their love for each other through their love for mixed martial arts, becoming the first couple to become Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA)-certified officials.

Married for four years, they met in college when competing in boxing, claiming their dedication to sport together has been a success in their relationship.

"We make it a point to take time during the week to lift weights and train together for MMA or Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ)," they said. 

"We are living proof of the phrase, you train together, you stay together.

"Everyone experiences different moments of stress in their lives which can create internal pressure that needs an outlet. 

"Having MMA and BJJ in our lives has given us our outlet, which has kept our relationship strong, our bodies healthy, and our minds wise."

Devleena Canday working as an official in the ring ©GAMMA
Devleena Canday working as an official in the ring ©GAMMA

Andrew Canday is a referee for GAMMA and is now joined by his wife, who has become an internationally-certified official too.

"For several years, we have been educating Indian athletes about the sport of MMA and staging a number of National Championships and other events," he added.

"I made the transition from athlete to referee and there has been no turning back since that moment. 

"I have made it my mission to impart sound knowledge of the sport and to educate individuals that are willing to learn and then certify them under the banner of GAMMA India.

"I currently have a home-grown team of over 40 well-trained and experienced officials in India, including my beloved wife Devleena.

"Every time I enter the ring to officiate, there is an adrenaline rush that always kicks in. 

"It is these feelings that keep bringing me back for more."