Zhan Beleniuk has announced he is revoking his NOCU membership ©Getty Images

Tokyo 2020 champion wrestler Zhan Beleniuk is set to revoke his membership to the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine (NOCU) after losing the Presidential election to Vadym Guttsait.

Guttsait, who is also the country's Sports Minister and an Olympic champion in fencing, secured a resounding victory against Beleniuk and Ihor Malinskyi, director of the University of Special Physical and Combat Training and Rehabilitation.

"Please exclude me, Zhan Vensanovich Belenyuk, from the membership of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine," the 31-year-old wrote in a statement to the NOCU Executive Committee.

"I can't afford to stay in such an NOC for a long time."

Guttsait received 83 per cent of the vote, with 123 ballots, to be named the new NOCU President, taking over from the 1988 Olympic pole vault champion Sergey Bubka, who stood down after 17 years in the role.

Beleniuk got 15 per cent of the vote, with 22, while Malinskyi got just two votes.

Beleniuk cited a post by Ukrainian footballer Roman Zozulya to demonstrate his discontent with Guttsait's appointments to the body.

More than 80 per cent are not involved in sport or its administration.

Roman Zozulya has aired his concerns over the new composition of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine ©Getty Images
Roman Zozulya has aired his concerns over the new composition of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine ©Getty Images

Some of those who are, however, have notable black marks on their records.

"NOK in 'reliable' regional hands," wrote Zozyulya, who notched up 33 caps for Ukraine from 2010 to 2016.

"Everything, as in the old bad times - razveli like kittens".

"It seems that Shufrych and Surkisom only performed the function of a power supply.

"And while the society was just outraged by their names on the list, the newly-elected President Vadim Gutzait brought to the NOC a "golden" team, 80% of which have nothing to do with sports.

"Is it a sport to consider corruption, the fight for a place in the list of the opposition or racketeering in the 90s?"

Double Olympic champion Valery Borzov, a member of the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine from 2001-2006, comes into NOCU despite being sacked as President of the Ukrainian Athletic Federation for corruption.

Iryna Deryugina has been appointed despite the International Gymnastics Federation accusing her of bribing judges, putting pressure on them, and influencing the final results of competitions, according to Zozyula.

Serhiy Kushniryuk, who was a member of the Soviet Union's Montreal 1976 gold medal-winning handball side, was allegedly removed from the head coach position of the Ukrainian national team due to corruption.

Zozyula also alleged multiple members, including Olympic silver medal-winning cyclist Alexander Symonenko, Mykhailo Koshlyak, and Oleg korban, of being members of the Opposition Platform - For Life (OPZZh).

The OPZZh was a pro-Russian and Eurosceptic political party in Ukraine that was banned by court on June 20.

Despite sharing pro-Russian policies, the party did publicly denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine on March 8.

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