The Laureus Sport for Good Index has been compiled for a second time ©Getty Images

Adidas, Nike, and EA Sports are among 29 brands included in the second edition of the Laureus Sport for Good Index which highlights companies that are "leading the way globally in delivering positive social or ecological impact through sport".

Laureus is an international organisation that aims to use sport to transform the lives of children and young people through different development programmes.

It partnered with sports media and events company SportsPro to create the Index which recognises brands for their collaboration, innovation and creativity across the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) as laid out by the United Nations (UN).

"What we are seeing from this year's Laureus Sport for Good Index is real-life examples of the power of sport and how it can be used to promote and implement change," said four-time Olympic champion and Laureus member Michael Johnson.

"These 29 brands are demonstrating top-of-the-class purpose-led impact utilising sport as the tool, and they act as a benchmark for other brands to use sport for good in their operations. 

"What is clear from this year’s Index is that, whilst sustainability remains a core focus, diversity and inclusion is one of the most prominent areas of focus for these organisations.

"We live increasingly in a world where having a voice, and making the right moves and impact is what is not only expected, but essential.

"We congratulate all those listed for demonstrating this intent and encourage them and their peers to continue to build on this work."

The Laureus Sport for Good Index championed 29 brands for their efforts in utilising sport for positive social or ecological change ©Laureus/SportsPro
The Laureus Sport for Good Index championed 29 brands for their efforts in utilising sport for positive social or ecological change ©Laureus/SportsPro

The featured companies are categorised into sports goods and apparel, consumer products, technology, energy, financial services, and transport.

They were assessed according to criteria such as sports-related corporate social responsible activities, level of investment for sport for good causes, and the extent to which their sports investments align with the UN's SDGs.

The 19-member judging panel included SailGP's global director of purpose and impact Fiona Morgan, Power of Sport Lab director Eli Wolff, and the National Hockey League's vice-president of sustainable infrastructure Omar Mitchell.

"Now in its second year, the Laureus Sport for Good Index is fast becoming the definitive guide to how brands utilise the power of sport to deliver positive change in line with the UN SDGs," said Laureus managing director Ned Wills.

"Congratulations to the 29 brands included on the 2022 Index for their work using sport for good.

"We are pleased to celebrate many new brands on this year's list, whilst highlighting the sustained contribution and focus of those who remain on the Index from 2021." 

This year’s Index, includes 13 brands that featured in the inaugural edition, including Patagonia, Nike, Microsoft and Clif Bar. 

Newcomers include renewable energy company Iberdrola, Google, Lego, and eyewear brand SunGod.