Rafaela Silva clinched her second gold medal in Tashkent with victory over Haruka Funakubo ©Getty Images

Brazilian Rafaela Silva and Tsogtbaatar Tsend-Ochir of Mongolia ended Japan's monopoly at the World Judo Championships in Tashkent as the pair both had the crowd on their side to secure gold on the third day.

Japan had won all four available titles prior to today's competition at the Humo Arena in Uzbekistan's capital and with athletes in both the men's and women's finals it looked as if the dominance would continue.

However, Silva put a stop to that in the women's under-57-kilograms decider against Haruka Funakubo at the Humo Arena.

The pair launched standing attacks and tussled for control of the ground game for much of the bout without success but, with just 30 seconds remaining, the Rio 2016 champion unleashed a ferocious koshi guruma hip wheel.

The move bagged her a waza-ari to an eruption of noise from the fervent spectators as it had sealed her second world title, with the first coming back in 2013.

Silva rushed to her coach and gave her an emotional embrace.

This was her first time at the World Championships since serving a two-year suspension for an anti-doping rule violation after testing positive for fenoterol, which is used to help treat respiratory diseases.

South Korean 19-year-old Mimi Huh showed her inexperience in the latter stages of the tournament as she lost her semi-final courtesy of receiving a disqualifying hansoku-make because of too many minor infringements before doing the same again in the bronze-medal match.

Tsogtbaatar Tsend-Ochir prevented Soichi Hashimoto from extending Japan's lead in the World Judo Championships standings in Tashkent ©Getty Images
Tsogtbaatar Tsend-Ochir prevented Soichi Hashimoto from extending Japan's lead in the World Judo Championships standings in Tashkent ©Getty Images

Mongolian Enkhriilen Lkhagvatogoo was the beneficiary of this and reached the world podium for the first time.

She was joined on the third step by reigning champion Jessica Klimkait of Canada after she sealed a double waza-ari win against Israel's Timna Nelson-Levy.

Tsogtbaatar then triumphed against Soichi Hashimoto to ensure Japan did not extend their lead in the medal standings in the men's under-73kg decider.

The bout went to the golden score round, with Hashimoto in a promising position.

He then went for the leg sweep from behind but it caused his other foot to slip out from under him.

The pair both fell backwards together but Tsogtbaatar managed to get himself on top of his opponent in mid-air to secure the waza-ari point for gold upon landing.

Brazilian Daniel Cargnin added to his continental titles in the first bronze-medal bout with a textbook okutiashi harai following a foot sweep ippon on world number one Lasha Shavdatuashvili of Georgia.

Azerbaijan's Hidayat Heydarov then downed Israel's Tohar Butbul with an inescapable submission hold to secure the final bronze medal of the day.

Competition is set to continue tomorrow with the men's under-81kg and women's under-63kg tournaments.